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13 January 2008


Small Emakina productions...

Hey, that's not everyday I can show websites from my company (not mine, but that's where I work 80% of my time). All made by co-workers:

Design and flash dev from Karim.
Visit the website (in french) >>

Design and flash dev from Adn
Visit the website (in french) >>

Design by Fabian and flash dev from Chris. (sorry I don't have a link for them... shame on me)
Visit the website (in french) >>

And they are all from A really small part of what Emakina can do.

12 January 2008


Good and bad links...

I didn't have time this week but I didn't find anything really cool to post. So this is my resume of the past 7 days:
I just like their home (otherwise I absolutely didn't understand what's the subject of this crazy website)
I like their transitions between sections.
Some sections are graphically really cool
Probably the best discovery this week. Nice motion design, nice interface, smooth, easy.

And for finishing, one bad link (but yet instructive) :
For their sux at doing a function "rotating menu" but so unusable that they add a button to desactivate it.
That's lame! Believe in your ideas or don't do it!


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