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18 May 2008


Doritos Quest

Win 100 000$ by participating to the Doritos Quest.
The concept is not new (it remember me Volvo The Hunt a few years ago. Actually I think it was just one year ago.

This new one is quiet entertaining but not as impressive as the volvo. But I like these kind of ad because it's not just passive ads. So if you want to take your chance :
>> Doritos Quest

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17 May 2008


How to create the perfect brief design

A start of an answser here

12 May 2008


Good idea

I think this can be more interactive. I think there is a good potential behind this idea.



MTV australia

Watch this.. That roxx.


Iron Man Title

Iron Man's end titles sequence goes retro wireframe.

05 May 2008


Tribute to Hebert Lubalin

Wonderful page dedicated to Herbet Lubalin !

As is it says : "One of the most influent graphic designer in the 20th".
More info about him on wikipedia

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04 May 2008


Stress, new justice's videoclip

I just saw this new viral-buzzing-new videoclip from Justice (famous electro music band in France). Another "subjective" view as in REC or Cloverfield or the last ad nike I talked about here just few days ago. So, if we talk about technic, quality of pics, realisation, etc, I think it's pretty well done. The main message is a little perplex. As the little guys used the Justice's logo on their Jacket, is the band approve this free-violence? But the most disturbing is that is used to buzz around the band... But on other hand, that clip is no so violent, the reality can be much worse, I think they should have go further in violence to really disturb people and make an efficient buzz, now everybody are accustomed. But let's see how efficient will be the buzz for this clip. I'm curious about that... it's an interesting experience to measure the disturbing level of people.

For now it's number 3 on


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