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01 June 2008


D&AD awards 08

I never found the time to talk about the famous awards of D&AD. Awards not for profit as they said. I think it's the only award that is really significant.

So let's talk a little about the awards of 2008:

You all remember this campaign with girls dancing for the clothing brand Uniqlo. It was a widget for blogs, with a video permanently different. Depending the time and even the seasons (at midnight they go sleep, in summer they wear Unliqlo t-shirts, etc). Every hours there was special video sequence. It can even be used as alarm, screen savers etc.
The result 27 000 widgets from 76 countries, 68 million views, parodies on youtube,... Great job guys. you deserve your black pencil. They have make an original and creative concept buzzing around the world.
>> Video of the project on D&DA

Ebay France
A smart advertising with incredible results. It can be resumed as this "For the 1st time in the world a brand puts its adverstising space up for auction". People bought the ad space to ebay and ebay helped these people to sell their own items. The result was phenomenal, a lot of buzz on french tv channels. Everyone talked about that... And the result for the brand? 38% specific recognition, 55% promptd recognition, 8 times the tv norm. And a yellow pencil!
>> Video of the project on D&DA

Get the glass?
It's really rare a website receive a black pencil. But it deserve it. This incredible online game with impressive graphics, funny mini-games, beautiful animations, ... A piece of art!
>> website

I think it was the most famous AD the last year. Everyone heard about it. And the impact for the brand was more than significant, I saw a presentation from Fallon (the agency behind this AD), and I think the brand awareness has grow up of 33% after the release of this AD. There were a lot of parodies on the web, 2 500 000 views on youtube... Impressive, creative and efficient. Black pencil for them of course!
>>Video of the project on D&DA

Take the time to look at the presentation of all nominations. You can find great inspiration, motivation and can raise up faith in your work ;-)

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